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Extech EX330 Multimeter Review

If you’re someone that wants to buy a multimeter but don’t know what model to choose, this article is definitely for you. After reading the information below, you will know more about what makes a good multimeter, the best models on the market currently, and the various functions each multimeter has to offer. If you’ve also purchased a multimeter and simply can’t figure out how to use it, this article has something for you as well.

How to Use a Multimeter


  • Turn your multimeter on and connect any probes. The positive probe is color-coded in red, while the negative probe is colored black. For some apps this is very important, for others it can be irrelevant. You simply need to read what the app requires for your specific instance.



  • Now you will need to make use of the probes. Put them on either side of the component that you have to measure. This way you can determine the resistance. You should keep in mind that for this function, the probes are interchangeable. It’s also important to you turn off the item which you want to repair and then set the multimeter to resistance. Some numbers will appear on the display, these actually being the resistance which is measure in Ohms. Depending on the multimeter you have, it will be possible for it to also check for wiring, unbroken connections and continuity. This operation will practically be the same with having the resistance checked up, with the only exception being that the multimeter will be set to continuity.



  • When the multimeter is measured, the measuring voltage requires electricity to be in it. With that in mind, the multimeter will have to be set to VDC in order to measure the DC voltage. To probe the point in the circuit where the DC voltage will be checked, you will need to touch the red and black probes. You can then see the voltage reading (displayed in volts), will be registered on the multimeter.



  • Maybe you’d like to have the AC voltage measured up and in this case. You will also need to have the multimeter set to VAC. Even though this time the reading will still be in volts, you can find there is no direction to AC voltage.



  • If you want to check diodes, simply set your multimeter to “Diode Check,” usually symbolized by an arrow against a vertical line. In this case, keep your multimeter turned off. Next, place the negative probe on the cathode of the diode and the positive probe on the anode. In the majority of cases, your multimeter will make a beeping noise while others will remain silent.


Buying a Multimeter

Let me tell you any multimeter will need to be properly calibrated to work at its full capacity. This will generally cost you around fifty dollars if you have a handheld model. That’s why you shouldn’t purchase a multimeter above fifty dollars to begin with. You can easily afford to buy a new multimeter when it needs to be calibrated again.

Multimeter: Digital or Analog?

You should decide whether you’d like to go with an analog model or a digital multimeter. You will find that the Analog models are also called VOMs, according to their measurement functions: voltmeters, ohmmeters and milliammeters. When it comes to a digital multimeter, they are known as DMMs. It stands for digital multimeter. There are also some multimeters that have both functions as well.
The advantage of getting an analog is the needle readout will allow you to see changing trends easier in a changing value. For those who drove a car that had a digital speedometer, it’s the same problem. They cannot really judge the acceleration as well as an analog speedometer.

Problems with Multimeter VOMs

VOMs actually have far lower input impedance than the lowest quality DMM, a typical value being stacked at twenty kilo ohms. When you have it put across the circuit, it will be like having a twenty kilo ohm resistor across it. You will also find that VOMs are limited to amps, ohms, and volts readings. The DMMs, however, have additional features. Last but not least, you need to find quality multimeter reviews in order to get the best model for the price you’re paying.

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