Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter Review

If you’re looking for a multimeter for your next home project or to use professionally, there’s no doubt that an Extech multimeter is exactly what you need. When you read any Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter review, you’ll see they’re one of the most affordably priced models that people buy, for a few different reasons.

What Is the Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter?

This is a bright orange and green model that weighs just under nine ounces, which is especially lightweight for a multimeter. It’s also small enough to put in your pocket or toolbox with ease, measuring 5.7” x 1.6” x 2.9” – again, this is smaller than many other multimeters.

It has a built-in contact AC voltage detector (NCV and 4000 count multimeter range, measuring a variety of aspects, such as AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, frequency, duty cycle, and temperature.


How Does It Work?

One thing that you’ll learn from almost any Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter review is that the CAT III 600V UL listed device includes a Type K temperature probe, which can be very useful. It also has its own rubber holster to hold up and protect the multimeter from being dropped.

Another feature a lot of people like about this multimeter is the low battery indicator, with batteries included with the product.

What Are People Saying in the Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter Reviews?


No one wants to pay more than they need to for a tool like this, so that is why this is a such a high quality and popular model – the price is just right.

“I’ve had this for over a year and am very happy with it. It is a very good multimeter and has a great feature set for the price.”
–       Norm, Amazon.com

The fact that this is made by Extech is also important to some people since this is a high-quality brand and one that has been around for a while.

“This is great. It has any feature you would ever need and this is a well-respected brand.”
–       Ollie, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It?

If you go to your local hardware, home improvement, or electronics store, you probably won’t find more than a few different types or brands of multimeters. That’s why more people end up buying these online than anywhere else. The good news is that when you read more of the Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter reviews, you’ll see you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


Is This the Right Product For You?

The choice you make regarding your next multimeter will likely depend on how you use it, where you use it, and how much you use it. Not all users are alike, and you may find that you require different tools. But, when it comes to finding a high-quality multimeter for everyday use, one that is good enough for hobbyists as it is for contractors, then you’ll see that there are a lot of positives about this model. The fact that the Extech EX330 can also be bought at such an affordable price online only makes it a better buy for just about anyone. You can find more amazing deals on high-quality tools here style=.

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